Presentations will have one of the forms: plenary lectures, invited lectures, session lectures and posters.

1. Invited speakers

Thomas Bartsch - Justus Liebig Universität, Giessen

Bartosz Bieganowski - Uniwersytet Warszawski

Monica Clapp - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Sylvain Crovisier - Université Paris-Saclay

Aleksander Ćwiszewski - Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu

Walter Dambrosio - Universita di Torino

Manuel Del Pino - University of Bath

Pavel Drabek - University of West Behemia, Pilsen

Kentaro Fujie - Tohoku University

Wojciech Górny - Universität Wien

Michal Kowalczyk, Universidad de Chile, Santiago

Wojciech Kryszewski - Politechnika Łódzka

Irena Lasiecka - University of Memphis

Jarosław Mederski - Polska Akademia Nauk

Angela Pistoia - Sapienza Universita di Roma

Jaime Sanchez-Gabites - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Jean van Schaftingen - Université Catholique de Louvain

Jakub Skrzeczkowski - Oxford University

Susanna Terracini - Universita di Torino

Enrico Valdinoci - University of Western Australia, Perth

Zhi-Qiang Wang - Utah State University

Thobias Weth - Goethe Universität, Frankfurt


2. Session lectures

Every participant (without plenary or invited lecture) can deliver a talk in one of the sessions listed below. One schould choose the appropriate session she/he wants to perform in and give the title of a talk when filling out the registration form. Final assignment to sections and schedule in sections will be determined by the session organizers.


  • Topological and monotonicity methods in differential equations

  • Mathematical modeling in science and technology

  • Variational methods and critical points

  • Optimization and control

  • Metric fixed point theory and related topics

  • PDEs and applications

  • Surface and low dimensional dynamics

  • Topological invariants and applications

  • Various Aspects of Nonlinear Analysis

3. Posters

A poster session is planned. One can choose this form of presentation in the registration form.

Poster size: A0 (max: 90cm x 120cm)


Schedule of the VIII Symposium on Nonlinear Analysis - in preparation