Dear Colleagues,
welcome to Toruń and the VIII Symposium on Nonlinear Analysis combined with the Juliusz Schauder Medal and the Juliusz Schauder Prize Awarding Ceremonies!

In 1991 a group of Toruń mathematicians took the initiative to establish the Juliusz Schauder Center for Nonlinear Studies. It was located at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and its most important aims are: supporting mathematical research in Nonlinear Analysis and Fixed Point Theory, editing an international journal Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis and the series Lecture Notes in Nonlinear Analysis, and popularising of mathematics (in particular among young people).

As a part of its activity in 1996 the Schauder Center together with the Faculty of Mathematics of the Lodz University organized the first Symposium on Nonlinear Analysis which succeeded in integrating the community of Polish researchers dealing with widely understood nonlinear problems in mathematical sciences.

The Schauder Center is awarding the Juliusz Schauder Medal to outstanding mathematicians for scientific achievements and contributions to nonlinear analysis and its applications. The winners of previous editions of the Medal were

In the current edition the jury, appointed by the Scientific Council of the Schauder Center unanimously decided to award the 2023 Juliusz Schauder Medal to

Professor Thomas Bartsch

from the University of Giessen, Germany

For more information about the Schauder Medal and the laureate, visit

In 2021 the Schauder Center established the Juliusz Schauder Prize for young mathematicians. The competition purpose is to promote the achievements of Polish science in the field of nonlinear analysis and to support young researchers in this field. In the first edition the following mathematicians won this competition:

  • dr Jacek Jendrej (J. Schauder Prize), dr Maciej Starostka (First Distinction), dr Wojciech Górny and dr Marcin Sroka (Second Distinctions).

In the current edition (2023) the winners are the following:

  • dr Bartosz Bieganowski (J. Schauder Prize), dr Wojciech Górny and dr Jakub Skrzeczkowski (Distinctions).

The main sponsor of the Prize is the University Center of Excellence "Dynamics, Mathematical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence".

One day during the Symposium, June 18, will be focused on the Medal as well as the Prize awarding ceremonies, with laudations and laureates' lectures.

On June 20, 2024 a special plenary session will be organized devoted to the 65-th anniversary of the birth of Professor Wojciech Kryszewski, the long-time Director of
the Center and Chairman of its Scientific Council, in recognition of his significant contributions to nonlinear analysis and the fixed point theory.

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Honorary patronage: The Rector of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń